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CIAT leads international cooperation project between Colombia and Japan

Delegates from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) recently visited CIAT headquarters in C Read more...

TICAD V: Coming to consensus on collaborative agricultural research in Africa

CIAT´s active participation in TICAD V (the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development) offered an excellent opportunity to highlight t Read more...

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April 2014
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  • Patricia Ruiz: Me pueden indicar, por favor, en donde puedo encontrar el documento que antes estaba en la siguiente dirección: Muchas gracias
  • ¿Puede Colombia liderar el camino hacia la agricultura del futuro? | Hablemos de cambio climático: […] Garantizar la seguridad alimentaria en tiempos de cambio climático […]
  • Can Colombia lead the way to the agriculture of the future? | Let's Talk Climate Change: […] Guaranteeing food security in times of (climate) change […]
  • Latin America looks to Colombia for climate change adaptationSupport CIAT: […] related stories: Guaranteeing food security in times of (climate) change Colombia presenta  estrategia exitosa frente al cambio climático ante organismos […]
  • Bikal Ghimire: Can any young student like me from Agriculture faculty, undergraduate be involved in your program? I have a keen interest to get involved. If I can please mail me :
  • Isa Laresp: Buenas tardes, mi pregunta es si ofrecen algún tipo de capacitación al público interesado en cualquiera de sus áreas??. Agradezco de antemano su respuesta.
  • Disease resistant bean varieties increase African farmers’ income | Truth About Trade & Technology: […] For more information, visit […]
  • IFPRI Hosts Workshop on Approaches and Methods for Policy Process Research | DAPA: […] attended the conference, presenting findings from a recently completed Ford Foundation funded initiative investigating the effectiveness of policy on rural agriculture productivity, connectivity and […]
  • Invasive mealybugs pose threat to cassava in Southeast AsiaSupport CIAT: […] crop, particularly in Indonesia. The crop supports an estimated 40 million people, and underpins a steadily growing local starch and biofuel industry. Last year in Vietnam alone, cassava exports were valued at USD 1.3 […]
  • A first step in improving pro-poor supply chain policies in Latin America | DAPA: […] for agriculture supply chains during a 3-day workshop held last week in Bogotá. As part of an ongoing project led by CIAT experts on Linking Farmers to Markets, international representatives from government […]
  • Un primer paso hacia el avance de las políticas públicas de cadenas productivas en América Latina | DAPA: […] productivas, durante un taller de tres días realizado la semana pasada en Bogotá. Como parte de un proyecto en curso dirigido por expertos en vinculación de agricultores a los mercados del CIAT, representantes […]
  • Workshop to improve pro-poor supply chain policies in Latin AmericaSupport CIAT: […] for agriculture supply chains during a 3-day workshop held last week in Bogotá. As part of an ongoing project led by CIAT experts on Linking Farmers to Markets, international representatives from government […]
  • Germany invests in a new generation of climate-smart agricultural scientists | The CIAT Capacity Blog: […] […]
  • Guaranteeing food security in times of (climate) change | DAPA: […] (Reposted from CIAT-Blogs) […]
  • From Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego: The IDB and CIAT tackle climate change vulnerability on a grand scale | DAPA: […] (Reposted from CIAT-Blogs) […]
  • Germany funds critical to maintaining CIAT&rsqu...: […] BMZ and GIZ have earmarked a special contribution to CIAT's genetic resources collection – a global public good. (And put them in genebanks. Ok, this from @CIAT_ is about neither millets nor fruits, but it’s friday, gimme a break.  […]
  • The Ford Foundation and CIAT: An enduring partnership supporting pro-poor policies | DAPA: [...] Reposted from : [...]