Strategy 2014-20

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Strategy 2014-20 / / Updating CIAT’s Strategy

Updating CIAT’s Strategy

In 2008, CIAT established new strategic directions, which make the notion of eco-efficiency a key guiding principle of our research on tropical agriculture. Now, in looking ahead to the next 6 years, we see a need to update the Center’s strategy to take into account major global and regional developments that affect agriculture as well as important reforms in CGIAR and adjustments within CIAT (see overview). While none of those changes points to significant shifts in our research directions for the period 2014-2020, they do require that we revise our priorities and activities, with the aim of ensuring that our integrated research approach is on track to deliver large development impacts in the years to come.

Already, we have formed an Expert Advisory Panel – representing academia, the private sector, and international agencies – whose nine members will provide critical input and guidance as the revision of CIAT’s strategy moves forward. We’re also creating various mechanisms for consultation with CIAT staff and stakeholders. The value of the strategy update will depend very much on the quality of the advice and input we receive from them and the Advisory Panel.

Getting this revision right is vital for ensuring that the Center operates at maximum effectiveness in a period when the world urgently needs for CIAT and the CGIAR Consortium to do our best work ever. We invite you to follow the revision of CIAT’s strategy during 2013 and encourage you to comment on the updates and documents that will appear on this site during the coming months.