Strategy 2014-20

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Strategy 2014-20 /

CIAT’s new strategy: Under collective construction

We wish to thank those of you who commented recently on the four-page document presented in our last post concerning CIAT’s strategic planning process. After examining your input and other feedback, we prepared in September a more complete draft of the strategy, which quickly went through several rounds of revision, based on internal consultat…Read more

Sus aportes para la planeación estratégica del CIAT son bienvenidos

El CIAT empezó este año con más anticipación la preparación de un plan estratégico para 2014–2020. El nuevo plan potenciará nuestra visión de eco-eficiencia —el principio orientador central de las direcciones estratégicas que establecimos en 2008.…Read more

We invite your feedback on CIAT’s strategic planning

CIAT embarked earlier this year on the preparation of a strategic plan for 2014-2020. The new plan will advance our vision of eco-efficiency – the central guiding principle of strategic directions we established in 2008.…Read more

Do you know the story of soil?

CIAT’s newest Board of Trustees member, Charles Rice, treated Center staff in early July to an exciting session on the future of agricultural science and its implications for the enormous development challenges that lie ahead. This was the second e-seminar on science vision held in connection with the development of CIAT’s strategy for 2014-2020.…Read more

A brainstorming session on CIAT’s strategy in Southeast Asia

Agreement with eco-efficiency in agriculture as a guiding principle of CIAT’s future research and strong support for giving significant emphasis to capacity strengthening were key messages from consultations on the development of CIAT’s strategy for 2014-2020, held during June in Southeast Asia.…Read more