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External advisers at work

experts_work_strategyA high-level panel of external advisers is now actively supporting CIAT’s effort to update its strategic directions for 2014-2020. Consisting of 11 men and women from around the world, the panel represents a wide variety of organizations that conduct and support research and education for sustainable development. To ensure that the panel’s work has as low a cost and as small a carbon “footprint” as possible, its deliberations are taking place entirely through e-meetings and consultations.

The panel’s first e-meeting with Ruben Echeverria, CIAT’s director general, and members of the Strategy Update Task Force was held on 10 April. The meeting served to get participants better acquainted with one another, define process guidelines, and discuss the institutional borders of the strategy update, which are informed by two key documents: CIAT Strategic Directions (2009) and Strategy and Results Framework of the CGIAR (2011).

In mid-April, panel members received a three-page document summarizing 9 of 11 global trends defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in connection with its strategic planning process during 2012. Panel members were asked to comment on these trends in relation to CIAT’s vision, mission, and current strategic directions as well as the CGIAR strategy, with the aim of identifying key challenges for CIAT. We’ll inform you soon about the results of this ongoing exercise.