Strategy 2014-20

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Strategy 2014-20 / Events – CIAT Strategy Update 2014-2020

Events – CIAT Strategy Update 2014-2020

Consultation with CIAT family

  • 4 March: Updated strategy seminar for Colombia-based staff, to inform, analyze and discuss
  • 12 May: Presentation and discussion of the process at BOT meeting in Nairobi
  • 16 May: Discussion and analysis with African-based CIAT staff in Nairobi
  • 10-12 June: Discussion and analysis with Asian-based CIAT staff in Hanoi (tbc)
  • June: “CIAT of the Future” brainstorming session with CIAT program representatives (tbc)
  • 12-16 August: Update, discussion and analysis during Annual Program review, Cali (tbc)
  • November 1st: Complete Updated Strategy draft submitted to BOT, Cali (tbc)
  • December: Final draft of the Updated Strategy presented to CIAT staff (tbc)

 Consultation with external stakeholders

  • 9 April: A blog site has been created, with the aim of sharing key information, updates, discussions, and feedback:
  • May – October: CIAT Director General Ruben Echeverria will use the blog to comment and provide updates on the process and invite stakeholders to review key documents and send comments.
  • August – October: Key partners & stakeholders will be approached individually to discuss and comment on concepts and drafts of the updated strategy.
  • November: A near-final draft of the full updated strategy will be made available on the blog for comment.